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Perfect DePICtions Photography

Hello! I am pleased that you have taken the time to view Perfect DePICtions Photography website! Feel free to stroll through and book your session today! 

Perfect DePICtions Photography "A perfect picture that tells a story"
I "Shanice Dozier" have been doing Photography since 2006. Every day I strive to be better and conquer new challenges. 
Perfect DePICtions Photography is more than a profession. It’s a passion to me, which is why I look at the entire world around us, and think about how to capture the beauty we see in a photograph. I take in each client equally, it's always my pleasure to work with everyone! 
I studied at South Carolina State University and recieved my bachelor's degree in Studio Art.  I also have my master's degree in Adult Education.

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Some of the Services Offered

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Portrait Sessions

Perfect DePICtions Photography offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. 
Portraits of any kind holds long lasting meaning to love ones! It gives the client something of themselves that can be looked on and cherish throughout years! 

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Headshots is a particular speciality of Perfect DePICtions Photography, and a must-have if you are looking to take full advantage of the photography experience and professionalism. 
Perfect DePICtions aim to capture the atmosphere of each location, since great quality photos help make these more memorable. 
If you are interested in this service, please get book today. Click on the tab at the top of the page! 


Family Portraits

Many clients approach Perfect DePICtions Photography with requests to capture the special moments with the people they love. 
Family! To capture moment of togetherness. To laugh, smile and have moments frozen! A perfect picture that tells a story! 


Wedding Photography

Shooting Wedding Photography is a particular enjoyable occasion of Perfect DePICtions Photography, and if you’re looking to take full advantage of the photography experience on your special day book today! Look at the different packages for weddings! 

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And by the way congratulations you two!  Together forever! 


 Newborn Sessions

Newborn being one of the most precious moment that my clients love to capture. A memory that you can look back on and smile. Don’t hesitate to book.
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A Skilled Photographer

With an interest in photography and art, I developed a passion for photography that couldn't be denied. I began shooting photos of family members, friends, events and nature in 2006, and not only improved, but developed my own personal style. Deciding on a career in photography is a wonderful choice I have made and always looking to capture new, beautiful and fun techniques.

"Perfect DePICtions Photography "

I came up with the name from my oldest brother bestfriend a former photographer Mike Iszard. It is one of my duties to make him proud while he watches from the skies. Rest well "Mike".

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